5 Safety Tips To Remember About Farm Equipment And Their Uses

Whether you’ve just joined farming or you’re an expert, using farm equipment can sometimes be challenging and can lead to serious injuries. Accidents and injuries usually occur due to distraction, tiredness, and also unprepared operators.

Therefore, you need to understand all the safety precautions when operating farm equipment. Below is a list of 5 safety tips to remember about farm equipment and their uses:

Read and understand the manual

The first step is to carefully read and understand the manual provided on how to operate the piece of equipment. Even if your previous tractor is similar to the new one, you shouldn’t assume because the new tractor might be functioning differently. Avoid assuming since this can bring serious consequences or accident. Simply comply with all rules and instructions, as stated in the manual.

Dress appropriately

Some farm equipment requires special dressing to prevent injuries. Having untied shoelaces can increase the chances of even falling on moving equipment such as an ox-drawn plough. Make sure you wear the right attire such as gloves, gumboots, and an overall to reduce the risk of getting an accident or injury.

Avoid alcohol and other drugs

Taking alcohol or other drugs can affect the ability of an individual to operate farm equipment. Remember that most drugs can impair one’s judgment leading to accident or injuries. Therefore, it’s essential to keep alcohol and other drugs away before operating any farm machine.

Keep children and pets away

You kids and pets might want to follow you and see what you’re doing on the farm. To prevent injuries and other distractions when doing the job, ensure you keep them away from your working area.

Ensure you get enough rest

Operating machinery when feeling fatigued can be very dangerous. If you know that you’ll be using any farm equipment, get enough rest or sleep so that you can work appropriately – click this article on farm health and safety plan.

In conclusion, these are some of the top safety tips to remember when using farm equipment. Others include adjusting the equipment accordingly and maintaining awareness.