Buy Your Oilfield Products from an American company.

Hodges Manufacturing specializes in oilfield products including down hole pump plungers, hard faced polished rod liners, sucker rod couplings and spray metal valve rods. We take pride in our work and produce products in strict compliance as per the specifications of the American Petroleum Institute. Our products meet or exceed these specifications for every requirement, and we regard the specification as a minimum standard. We strive to exceed the specification by making our oilfield products stronger, more wear resistant and designed to run longer than what is sufficient to satisfy requirements – even if it costs more or takes longer.

Hodges Manufacturing is located near Tulsa, OK in the town of Glenpool. The owner, Mike Hodges, graduated from the engineering college of The University of Tulsa, earned an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force and has worked at companies such as Walter Obannon, UPCO, HV Manufacturing, Williams Energy, Conoco and Siemens as either a machinist, manager or software engineer.

Hodges Manufacturing products are sold exclusively through distributors and oil field supply stores across the nation. Although we do not and will not sell directly to end users, we encourage those who want our products to contact their local oil field supply store to purchase the products we manufacture. If your company represents oil field products, then we encourage you to contact us. We think you will be impressed with our commitment to manufacturing quality products and our exceptional customer service.